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PhD position in Visual Neuroscience

Max-Plank-Institute for Biological Cybernetics


PhD position in Visual Neuroscience

A PhD position is available in the department of Physiology of Cognitive Processes at the Max-Plank-Institute for Biological Cybernetics to employ optical imaging based on voltage sensitive dyes together with electrophysiology recordings for exploring information processing in the primate visual cortex. Our aim is to understand the basic mechanisms of cortical microcircuits processing of sensory information as well  as  to investigating  the  role  of  spontaneous  ongoing  cortical  activity. To achieve these goals we record neuronal activity from the  visual cortex during presentation of visual stimuli in the primate model.

We are a newly established scientific team at the department of “physiology of cognitive processes” at the Max Plank institute for biological cybernetics at Tuebingen, Germany. The institute, headed by Prof. Dr.  Nikos  Logothetis  offers  a  unique  stimulating  interdisciplinary  scientific  environment  in  which research is carried out at all levels of neuroscience.

The ideal candidate will be highly motivated and will have an educational background in neuroscience, computational neuroscience, biology, or related fields. Applicants require a university degree (Diploma or  equivalent  M.Sc.).  Knowledge  in  psychophysics  and/or  neurophysiology  and/or  is  highly  valued. Programming skills (e.g. Matlab) and experience in signal processing are highly desirable, and will need to be developed through the course of the PhD.

Applications  should  include  a  CV,  a  statement  of  research  experience  and  interests,  and  names  of  at least 2 referees. Please send your application electronically as a single pdf file to David Omer.  


Dr. David Omer