Information for students

Forms and regulations

(1) You are curious about EVEREST? Please check our Info leaflet.


(2) You want to formally register for EVEREST? Please use our Registration form.


(3) After registration, EVEREST PhD students assemble their Thesis Advisory Committee and complete a supervision agreement. Please check our Supervision agreement form.


(4) Yearly meetings of the Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) are a key component of postgraduate study in EVEREST. Detailed information on the preparation, structure, and documentation of these meetings is available in the TAC forms and rules


(5) EVEREST PhD students acquire credits through active participation and skill training along their 3 years of study. For details check our Credit point rules.


(6) How can I structure my postgraduate study in EVEREST? Find detailed support in the EVEREST checklist and FAQ.


Skill training and courses

Training in scientific and transferrable skills is a key component of postgraduate study in EVEREST. We regularly update a list of proposed courses or workshops, from both the general University offers and dedicted workshops offered to EVEREST students (EVEREST_courses.pdf).

In addition, central offers at the University of Tübingen and the Max Planck Institute complement training in EVEREST:


Graduate Academy (Graduiertenakademie)

This is the central qualification program for doctoral candidates at the University of Tübingen, with a specialised section for the Faculty of Science. Please check their dedicated ILIAS website for their full program and in particular the Doctoral Researcher Development Program.


Career Service

The Career Service of the University of Tübingen also offers a variety of courses and individual coaching free of charge for students of the University Tübingen.


Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology

EVEREST PhD students can also attend courses offered within the MPI PhD programm (pending availability). Please check their current program and contact the MPI research school coordinator, Dagmar Sigurdardottir if interested in joining.