EVEREST "DOSE" - The Doctoral Student Seminar



EVEREST DOSE provides an informal platform for our students to discuss their projects and future plans with their peers without the supervisors being present. Students take turns to host the seminar in their work group. Talks should not exceed 30 min to allow time for discussion. The seminar focuses not only on results, but specifically on used methods, challenges and perspectives. Students are encouraged to include practical demonstrations or tours around exhibitions into the seminar. We conclude the seminar by going to a pub for snacks and drinks.


The seminar always starts at 5:15 p.m.

Make sure attendance is documented and the attendance sheet soon submitted to the EVEREST coordinators.


Programme 2018

Month Date Time Speaker Room Title
Feb Wed,

Christoph Wißing
(Prof. Bocherens,
Former Biogeology)

str. 12
Room 229
Experiences of an
EVERST alumnus


17:15 Gillian Wong
(Prof. Conard,
Early Prehistory and
Quaternary Ecology)
str. 23
Room 703
"Did Humans Modify that Bone?
- Taphonomy in Zooarchaeology"
Apr tba 17:15 tba tba  
May Tue,
17:15 Jessica Starke
(Prof. Ehlers,
Geology and Geodynamics)
Lothar Meyer
Thesis project and lab tour
Jun Tue,
17:15 Alexandros Karakostis
(Prof. Harvati,

str. 23
Room 703

"Whats inside a muscle attachement?
A histological approach"
Jun Tue,
17:15 Melania Ioannidou
(Prof. Harvati,
str. 23
Room 703
"Tracing phylogeny of Eurasian Miocene hominoids, using virtual anthropopgy and geometric morphometrics: the Ouranopithecus macedoniensis paradigm"
Jul Tue,
17:15 Anna Kirschbaum
(Dr. Scheepens,
Plant Evolutionary Ecology)
"Evolution of Plant Phenotypic Plasticity
in response to grassland management
- an outdoor experiment"
Oct Tue,
17:15 Julia Staggenborg
(Dr. Anthes,
Animal Evolutionary Ecology)
AdM 28,

"Evaluating the effects of Agri-environment schemes on population dynamics of corn buntings (Emberiza calandra)"

Nov Wed,
17:15 Chris Baumann
(Dr. Starkovich,

"Commensalism in the Paleolithic -
An attempt to detect trophic niches
with stable isotopes" & Lab Tour

Dec Tue,
17:15 Julia Geue
(Prof. Foerster,
Comparative Zoology)
AdM 28,
"Landscape genomics of a bumblebee species in Eastern Europe, as a tool for conservation priortization"


Previous DOSE

Programme 2017

Month Date Time Speaker Room Title
May Tue, 23rd 17:15 Judith Beier (Prof. Harvati, Palaeoanthropology) tba "Skull trauma frequencies in the Palaeolithic"


Tue, 27th 17:15 Dr. Sybille Wolf (Terrestrial Palaeoclimatology) Castle R119 tba
July Tue, 18th 17:15 Peter Pogoda (Prof. Foerster, Comparative Zoology) tba "New examination of sexual dimorphism in the northern spectacled salamander - Salamandrina perspicillata"
August tba 17:15 no DOSE    
September Thu, 14th 17:15 Ronja Razbor (Prof. Tielbörger, Plant Ecology) AdM 3, 036 "HEDGE 2: From the common garden to the Biodiversity Exploratories"
September Tue, 26th 17:15 Dr. Dorothée Drucker and
Dr. Nils Anthes (Coordinators), Judith Beier and Lara Braun
AdM 28, E5A20 About EVEREST an DOSE
October Tue, 17th 17:15 Ellie Gibson-Forty (Prof. Tielbörger, Plant Ecology) AdM 3, 036 "Reproductive success is conserved in annual Bassicaceae species despite changing pollinator activity among a steep rainfall gradient in Israel"
November Tue, 07th 17:15 Babette Guimbang (Guest PhD; Prof. Foerster, Comparative Zoology) AdM 3, 036 tba

Programme 2016

Month Date Time Speaker Room Title
May Wed,11th 17:15

Anubhav Mohiley

(Prof. Tielbörger, Plant Ecology)

Auf der Morgenstelle 1,

R. 131

"The role of herbivore induction in determining metal hyperaccumulation"
Jun Mon, 6th 18:00

Alexandra Uhl

(Prof. Harvati, Paleoanthropology)

Rümelinstr. 23,

R. 703

"Introduction to osteology and osteological methods for sex and age determination"
Jun Tue, 14th 17:15

Eleanor Gibson-Forty

(Prof. Tielbörger, Plant Ecology)

Rümelinstr. 23,
HS 404 (1. Floor)
Experiences and impressions of Ellie's field work in Isreal and Jordan
Jul Thu, 21st 17:15

Alexander Peltzer

(Prof. Krause, Paleogenetics)

Rümelinstr. 23, W400 (Geography) "Computational methods of ancient genome reconstruction"
Aug Wed,10th 17:15

Ulrike Harant

(Prof. Michiels,

Animal Evolutionary Ecology)

Auf der Morgenstelle 28, E-Bau 5th floor, Seminarroom (E5P43) "Red fluorescence: First evidence of functionality in fish"
Sep Tue, 27th 17:15

Shirley Ying Deng

(Prof. Bossdorf,

Evolutionary Plant Ecology)

Auf der Morgenstelle 3, SE room 036 "Does variable heat stress affect Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes in more than one generations?"
Oct Mon, 17th 17:15

Wellencia Clara Nesongano

(Prof. Tielbörger, Plant Ecology)
  “Effects of climate change and elevated CO2 on shrub encroachment and the balance between herbaceous and woody plants in (Namibian) savanna ecosystems”
Nov Tue, 15th 17:15

Nicola Lechner

(Prof. Tielbörger, Plant Ecology)

Auf der Morgenstelle 3, SE room 036 “Drought impacts on herbaceous plants - separating resistance and resilience mechanisms”
Dec Thu, 15th 17:15

Deike Lüdtke

(Prof. Förster, Comparative Zoology

  Sexual selection on female newt body coloration in a non-sex-role-reversal species

Programme 2015

Month Date Speaker Room Title
January Tue, 20 Alexandra Uhl   "Sex determination in geographically and ontogenetically diverse samples"
February Tue, 17 Ashild Vagene   "Ancient pathogen genomics"
March Tue, 17 Catherine Bauer


"Geometric morphometric analysis and internal structure measurements of Neanderthal and modern human lower second premolars"
April Tue, 21 Alexander Peltzer 404 in Rümelinstraße 23

"EAGER - Efficient Ancient Genome Reconstruction"

May Tue, 19 Haydar Martinez 404 in Rümelinstraße 23 "Is Wood-Ash in a cave a proxie of human activity in paleoenvironments? An isotopic perspective"
June Tue, 09 Kerttu Majander


"Ancient DNA analysis of infectious agents in the human remains from Finnish, archaeologically studied burial grounds"

Tue, 21

Svenja Block Heuberger-Tor-Weg "Climate change and the invasion potential of ornamental plants"
September Tue, 22 Alissa Mittnik Room 703 in Rümelinstraße 23 "Investigating the population genetics of cultural transitions in pre-historic Europe"
October Thu, 22 Roland Fritsch

room E5P43, 5th floor of E-Building, Morgenstelle


"Anatomy and function of light-emitting eyes"
November Tue, 17 Lara Braun    
"From land management through habitat heterogeneity to biodiversity in grassland ecosystems. A combined theoretical, experimental, and observational study"



Programme 2014

Month Date Speaker Room Title
January Tue, 14 Alexander Immel   "Ancient DNA sequencing"
March Wed, 20 Andrea Schuster



"Animal Personality and Cognitive Abilities of Harvest Mice"

April Tue, 29 Flora Schilt


Institute of Geography


"A geoarchaeological investigation of Middle Stone Age human response to environmental change on the shores of Lake Malawi."

May Thu, 22 Hugo Reyes


Institut für Naturw. Archäologie (INA), Rümelinstr. 23, Room 703

"Genomic and Craniometric Perspectives on Modern Human Origins, Diversity, and Dispersals."

June Mon, 23 16:15!!! Tobias Gerlach Morgenstelle, Botany, N11

"Functions of red fluorescence in marine wrasses"


Wed, 23


Cosimo Posth INA, Rümelinstr. 23, Room 703

"Genome wide analyses of late pleistocene and early holocene modern human remains from Europe"

August Summer break ----------- ---------------- --------------------------------------------
September Thu, 25 Ines Haederer Room E5P43, Morgenstelle 28 E-Bau "Sexual selection in a simultaneous hermaphrodite"
October 09/10 - 11/10 PhD Retreat ---------------- --------------------------------------------
November Tue, 25 Martin Vallon

Room E5P43, Morgenstelle 28 E-Bau

"Which eggs do I pick? - Selective filial cannibalism in a marine fish with parental care"
December Wed, 17 Martin Cotte Hölderlinstr. 12, room S229

"Argentina during the Pleistocene (1,000,000 to 10,000 years ago). A Look into the Pampas."


Programme 2013

Month Date Speaker Room Title
December Fri, 13 Christoph Wißing  

"Insight into the ecology of Neandertals in North-West Europe: stable isotopes and their paleobiological implications"