XehoGamm is the acronym for a project entitled Effects of Xenohormones in Aquatic Ecosystems - Effect Monitoring in Invertebrates which is actually funded by the German Environmental Research Council (Umweltbundesamt Berlin) and which is co-ordinated by Roland Nagel at the Institute for Hydrobiology, Dresden University of Technology, Germany. Within this joint research programme, possible effects of xenohormones released by sewage tratment plants on abundant gammarids (Gammarus fossarum [Amphipoda]) are investigated.

A combination of field research and indoor experiments is applied. In particular, research focusses on four topics:

  • Xenohormone analytics [group Roland Nagel, Dresden University of Technology]
  • Gammarid population structure and demographics [group Roland Nagel, Dresden University of Technology]
  • Gonad histology and morphometrics in gammarids [group Rita Triebskorn, Steinbeis-Transfer Center for Ecotoxicology and Ecophysiology Rottenburg and Tübingen University]
  • Hsp90 level and steroid hormone receptors in gammarids [group Heinz-R. Köhler, Tübingen University]

Detailed information can be obtained from Dresden University of Technology, Institute of Hydrobiology.

A download pdf-document is also available.