Nicole Dettenrieder receives PhD

Sonja König receives PhD

Damir Barisic receives Poster Award

Tatiana Spallek receives Poster Award

Awarded Poster:

Tatiana Spallek, Yucang Liang, Cäcilia Maichle-Mössmer, Karl W. Törnoos, Reiner Anwander:
"Rare-Earth Metal Amides and Their Immobilization on Periodic Mesoporous Silica SBA-15LP"
European F-Element Network EUFEN 2, Dublin, Ireland, April 15-18, 2013.

His Topic: Tetravalent Cerium Complexes

Olaf Michel receives PhD

Prof. Dr. W. Schlenk (head of the Tübingen chemistry department from 1935 to 1943 )
from left to right : Dr. Jürgen Hambrecht (former CEO of BASF and Honorary Senator (Ehrensenator) of the University of Tübingen), Prof. Dr. Bernd Engler(Rector, University of Tübingen), Prof. Warren Piers (first Schlenk Lecturer, University of Calgary), Cornelia Schlenk (granddaughter of Wilhelm Schlenk), Prof. Dr. Thomas T. Tidwell (University of Toronto), Prof. Dr. Dieter Jahn (BASF, Science Relations and Innovation Management), Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rosenstiel (Dean of Faculty of Science, University of Tübingen).

Further Publications on the topic:

Thomas Deschner receives PhD

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