Principles of Bioinorganic Chemisry

human carbonic anhydrase
biomineralization of mesoporous silica shell mimetics: morphogenesis of shapes (from: Adv. Mater. 1997, 9, 662)


I. Introduction:  Definitions, Scope, Aims
II.     Principles of Coordination Chemistry
(transition metal complexes, bioligands, structures)
III. Transport Phenomena A: Uptake, Transport, and Assembly of Metals
(cell membrane, ion-specific channels and pores, iron metabolism, ion pumps)
IV. Transport Phenomena B: Uptake and Transport of Small Molecules
(dioxygen transport, hemoglobin, myoglobin, hemerythrin, hemocyanin)
V. Transport Phenomena C: Electron Transfer Proteins
(electron carriers, cytochromes, blue copper proteins, iron-sulfur proteins)
VI. Metal Ion Folding and Cross-Linking of Biomolecules
(zinc finger, regulatory role of calcium, catalytic RNA molecules)
VII. Metalloenzymes in Acid–Base Catalysis
(carboxypeptidase, carbonic anhydrase, alcohol dehydrogenase)
VIII. Metalloenzymes in Redox Catalysis
(OEC= oxygen-evolving complex, cytochrom P-450, vitamin B12, nitrogenases)
IX. Biomineralization
X. Metals in Medicine


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