Module Lecture: f-Elemente 1

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Episodes from History
Carl Auer von Welsbach  (1858-1929)

 Initiator of Rare-Earth Metal Industry  (1891) 


Intrinsic Properties

Features of Lanthanide Cations – Intrinsic Properties 

Structural Chemistry

 Structural Chemistry of LnCp3 

 The „Lanthanide Contraction“



I. Episodes from the History of Rare-Earth Elements
II. Intrinsic Properties of the Rare-Earth Elements
III. Rare-Earth Metal-based Inorganics
IV. Rare-Earth Metal-based Organometallics I
V. Rare-Earth Metal-based Organometallics II
VI. Rare-Earth Metal-based Organometallics III
VII. Rare-Earth Metal-based Nanostructured Materials
VIII. Application of Rare-Earth Metals: Heterogeneous Catalysis
IX. Application of Rare-Earth Metals: Homogeneous Catalysis I
X. Application of Rare-Earth Metals: Homogeneous Catalysis II
XI. Application of Rare-Earth Metals: Material Science
XII. Application of Rare-Earth Metals: Medicine


Books dealing with Rare Earth Metal Chemistry


Review Articles dealing with Rare Earth Elements