Nanochemistry 1 - Module

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Nanostructured Materials

Nano-sized Bulk-Materials Nanoporous Materials
  • Cluster compounds
  • Nanoparticles (colloids)
  • Microporous materials:
    zeolites, zeotypes, MOFs, reversed micelles
  • Mesoporous materials:
    PMSs/PMXs, PMS-types, Si(NH)2, metals

(according to Adv. Mater. 199810, 144)



I. Introduction:  Definitions, Scope, Aims
II. Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoparticles
(inversed micelles, ligand-stabilized nanoclusters, nanotectonics)
III. Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoporous Materials
(open-framework inorganics, templating and pillaring approaches)
IV. Metalorganic Frameworks MOF-n
(interpenetrating networks, molecular tectonics)
V. (Semi-)Crystalline Porous Silica Materials
(zeolites, zeotypes, pillared clays, periodic mesoporous silica PMS)
VI. Nanoporous Oxides
(metal alkoxides, sol–gel process)
VII. Nanoporous Carbons and Metals
(„activated carbon“, nanotubes, PMS replicas)
VIII. Hybrid (Composite) Materials
(Isomorphous substitution, cocondensation, postsynthetic derivatization, impregnation, MO-CVD, SOMC, ship-in-the-bottle sythesis)
IX. Application of Porous Materials
(material science, organic synthesis, catalysis, adsorption/separation processes)


Journals dealing with nanostructured Materials