The Awardees of the Schlenk Lecture


Prof. Dr. Warren E. Piers

Prof. Dr. Warren E. Piers

Prof. Warren E. Piers studied and received his PhD at the University of Britisch Columbia (Canada) in the group of Michael Fryzuk. After a postdoctoral fellowship with John Bercaw at the Carlifornia Insitute of Technology, he became Assistant Professor in Guelph in 1995 and received a call to the University of Calgary (Canada) where he got the position of a S. Robert Blair Professor in 2000. There, he is located until present.

Besides olefin polymerization catalysts and group 3 organometallic catalysts, his research is focused on highly electrophilic boranes as Lewis acid catalysts. For his outstanding contributions in the latter flied, he is awarded the BASF visiting professorship 2011 and the Schlenk lecture.