Isotope Geochemistry Research Group (June 2017)
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Latest publications

  • Wille M, Nebel O, Pettke T, Vroon PZ, König S, Schoenberg R (2018) Molybdenum isotope variations in calc-alkaline lavas from the Banda arc, Indonesia: Assessing the effect of crystal fractionation in creating isotopically heavy continental crust. Chemical Geology
  • Albut G, Babechuk MG, Kleinhanns IC, Benger M, Beukes NJ, Steinhilber B, Smith AJB, Kruger SJ, Schoenberg R (2018) Modern rather than Mesoarchaean oxidative weathering responsible for the heavy stable Cr isotopic signatures of the 2.95 Ga old Ijzermijn iron formation (South Africa). Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
  • Banning H, Stelling M, König S, Schoenberg R, Neumann T (2018) Preparation and purification of organic samples for selenium isotope studies. PLoS ONE 13 (3): e0193826.
  • Yierpan A, König S, Labidi J, Kurzawa T, Babechuk MG, Schoenberg R (2018): Chemical Sample Processing for Combined Selenium Isotope and Selenium-Tellurium Elemental Investigation of the Earth's Igneous Reservoirs. G³ Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems.
  • Ossa Ossa F, Eickmann B, Hofmann A, Planavsky NJ, Asael D, Pambo F, Bekker A (2018): Two-step deoxygenation at the end of the Paleoproterozoic Lomagundi Event. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 486: 70-83.
  • Eickmann B, Hofmann A, Wille M, Hao Bui T, Wing BA, Schoenberg R (2018): Isotopic evidence for oxygenated Mesoarchaean shallow oceans. Nature Geoscience. doi:10.1038/s41561-017-0036-x  
  • Kurzweil F, Münker C, Tusch J, Schoenberg R (2018): Accurate stable tungsten isotope measurements of natural samples using a 180W-183W double-spike. Chemical Geology 476: 407-417


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