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Latest publications

  • Babechuk GB, Kleinhanns IC, Reitter E, Schoenberg R (in press): Kinetic stable Cr isotopic fractionation between aqueous Cr(III)-Cl-H2O complexes at 25 °C: implications for Cr(III) mobility and isotopic variations in modern and ancient natural systems. Geochimica Cosmochimica Acta
  • Wille M, Babechuk MG, Kleinhanns IC, Stegmaier J, Suhr N, Widdowson M, Kamber BS, Schoenberg R (2018): Silicon and chromium stable isotopic systematics during basalt weathering and lateritisation: A comparison of variably weathered basalt profiles in the Deccan Traps, India. Geoderma 314:190-204
  • Labidi J, König S, Kurzawa T, Yierpan A, Schoenberg R (2018): The selenium isotopic variations in chondrites are mass-dependent; Implications for sulfide formation in the early solar system. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 481: 212-222


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