MSc and BSc projects

There are many possibilities for MSc and BSc projects in the structural geology group.

Please contact Paul Bons if you are interested in doing a project. Especially students with an interest in numerical modelling are most welcome!


Finished projects



  • Albrecht Baur (2016) Automating the characterisation of stylolites
  • Anna Borngäber (2016)Lateral variations in stylolites along the Swabian Alb
  • Kilian Müller (2016) Characterization and quantification of tectonic structures in drill core (NW Germany)
  • Tamara de Riese (2015) Numerical modelling of multi-layer folding
  • Simon Gast (2014) Investigation of structures of the Stassfurt carbonates in the Lower Saxony Zechstein
  • Markus Hauber (2014) Cleavage formation and metamorphic grade, Cap de Creus, Spain
  • Tamara de Riese (2014) Numeical modelling of multilayer folding
  • Theresa Straub (2014) Hydrothermal veins in basement rocks: a case study in the Fichtel Mountains
  • Jens Müller (2013) Structural geology of the Mt. Painter Inlier, South Australia



  • Felicitas Mundel (2016) 3D Modelling of folds at the inlet of the Petermann Glacier, N Greenland
  • Marcel Anhorn (2015) Investigation of quartz rims in antitaxial calcite veins
  • Florian Schmidt (2015) 3D Model of the Mount Painter Inlier, South Australia
  • Joel Ruben Sievers (2015) 3D-Modelling of the Schwarzwald, Germany with MOVE - Hydrothermal veins and eclogites
  • Daniel Traub (2015) Falten- und Überschiebungsgürtel: Eine 3D Modellierung von Molinos, Spanien
  • Andreas Walter (2015) 3D-Modeling of the southern part of the Iliímaussaq Complex, South Greenland
  • Lutz Eberle (2014) 3D-modelling of a fold-and-thrust belt: Molinos, Spain
  • Sebastian Heiland (2014) Mechanical stratigraphy of fractures and stylolites in the Maestrat Basin at Benicassim, Spain
  • Fabian Schollenberg (2014) 3D-modeling of Jabal Akhdar, Oman with MOVE
  • Holger Sprengel (2014) Structural aspects of vein-forming processes: A case study from the hydrothermal Schindlergang in the Teufelsgrund mine (Schwarzwald, SW-Germany)
  • Julien Westhoff (2014) Small scale folding in NEEM ice core
  • Vanessa Sutterer (2012) Rheology of partial melts - numerical models with Elle
  • René Schall (2012) Stylolites in rocks from the Muschelkalk and White Jurassic in SW Germany - the White Jurassic
  • Maximilian Bech (2012) Stylolites in rocks from the Muschelkalk and White Jurassic in SW Germany - the Muschelkalk
  • Albrecht Baur (2012) Modelling of layering in a magma chamber by gravitational sorting
  • Simone Gerwig (2009) The formation of Manchuriophycus-like shrinkage cracks in Proterozoic siliciclastics modelled with Elle
  • Anke Soldner (2009) Porphyroblast rotation Cap de Creus
  • Christian Kling (2008) Mapping of Haematitic breccias and their structural occurrence in Radium Ridge Area, Mt. Painter Inlier, South Australia



  • Klaus Warber (2013) Eine 3D-Modellierung geologischer Strukturen im Maestratbecken, im nordosten Spaniens, mit der Modellierungssoftware Move
  • Philipp Baier (2012) Numerical simulation of grain growth and solid-liquid interaction in partial melts
  • Jürgen Lang (2012) The copper mineralisations in the Mount Painter Province, Northern Flinders ranges, South Australia
  • Lena Stark (2011) Geostatistical analysis of vein systems in the Jabal Akhdar Dome, Oman
  • Anett Weisheit (2009) Hymap and other remote sensing methods applied to the Mt. Painter area, South Australia
  • Tobias Rehder (2009) Mapping and investigation of breccias near Mt. Painter, South Australia
  • Christian Kieslinger (2009) Mapping and investigation of breccias near Mt. Painter, South Australia
  • Jens Roessiger (2008) Regional study of the Mt. Gee area, Arkaroola, Northern Flinders ranges, South Australia
  • Daniel Hartmann (2008) Mapping of geological units south-west of Molinos, Spain
  • Caro Wehner (2004) An optical and electron-microscopy study of microstructures in calcite veins