Guidelines for Hosts of international Researchers

Hosting a guest scientist from another country can bring new and fresh perspectives to a research group. The expert knowledge and the research interests of the guest scientist can show up new connecting factors and crosslinks to other research areas.

The following information on this page gives you an overview of many important things you should be aware of as host of an international researcher and - even more important - an overview of the supporting offers provided by the university of Tübingen.


The most important institution concerning "guest researchers" ist the Welcome Center of the Univeresity of Tübingen. On the web pages of the Welcome Center you can also find special information for hosts: "Services for Hosts"


Basic Considerations

  • The relationship between a visiting scholar and the members of our faculty can range from close collaboration to casual oversight. It is important to specify the intensions in advance and to compose a common work plan (duration of stay, PhD, commom publication, research project, preparation of a proposal,...).
  • You should think about how the reasearcher can support your working group, what is the additional benefit for your department? (Research profile, common research proposal,  lectures that could be taught by the guest,...)
  • Which kind of financial support does your guest need? All financial issues should be clarified in advance.
  • The university of Tübingen supports (the preparation of) research collaboration (with priveleged partner universities) by intramural funding opportunities.
  • Here you can find an overview about general funding opportunities in germany.
  • The university of Tübingen offers some support for writing proposals by providing precast text modules.
  • If you are searching the right scientists for a special position you want to fill, there are many possibilties to announce the vacancy. Many of them (especially for phD-students and post Docs) are summarized here.
  • If you have any questions concerning the employment contract please contact the Human Resources or the Central Management Office of the Faculty of Science (Dekanatsverwaltung).


Prepare the Stay

  • All hosts and international guest researches/PhD-students are warmly invited to contact the Welcome Center at any time (before, during and after the stay in Tübingen). The friendly staff will assist you with advice concerning visa, registration, health insurance, accomodation, etc.
  • If necessary, provide your guest a "letter of invitation" and a "hosting agreement" to process the visa application procedure. Both documents can be provided as templates by the Welcome Center.
  • If your guest is an international PhD-student please contact the office of Mr. Brunner for all questions regarding admission and acceptance of certificates and reports and contact the Office of Academic Affairs of the Faculty of Science for questions regarding doctoral and post-doctoral (“Habilitation”) procedures.
  • Do you need a special academic agreement? Please contact the Office of International Affairs of the Faculty of Science for these issues.
  • In Tübingen finding a suitable accomodation is not that easy. Be helpful! Ask some friends and collegues for free accomodation, contact the Welcome Center, show your guest the possibility of finding an appropriate accomodation via online portals and newspaper announcements in Tübingen etc.
  • Is some family involved? If your guest is travelling with children there are probably many open questions concerning childcare, school attendance etc. Please contact the "Familienbüro" or the Welcome Center if you need some help concerning family issues.


During the Stay

  • Help your guest to make the first steps in Tübingen (registration, signing the employment contract, getting a bus ticket, etc...). Beyond that there is always the possibility of asking the Welcome Center for help.
  • Establish a good working atmosphere for your guest by providing a working space (pc, email, office equipment), experimental facilities, access to library resources etc.
  • Ensure that your guest has an employment card and a key to the office/institute
  • Put some time into introducing your guest to your collegues and into showing your guest round the campus, the mensa, the library etc.
  • Your guest should have the opportunity to give some talks in an appropriate seminar/colloquium and maybe also the possibility of inviting own guests.
  • Maybe your guest is interested in learning some German for a better every day life. Be aware that the courses offered by the Language Learning Center (Fachsprachenzentrum) are booked up very quickly, so you should register for your guest in advance. There are also some German courses offered by the Volkshochschule and by the Sprachinstitut Tübingen (SIT).
  • Tübingen has a great offer of cultural and social events. Show your guest the nice and beautiful sides of Tübingen and the environment (excursions, walkings, bar-hopping, concerts,...). Check the Veranstaltungskalender of the town Tübingen.


After the Stay

  • Encourage your guest to stay in contact with the university of Tübingen via the Tübingen Research Alumni Center (TRACe)
  • Ask your guest to come back to Tübingen if useful. The university of Tübingen supports the continuation of research collaborations by these two funding possibilities:

  • If you want to deepen the collaboration and put it into a more formal framework, please contact the Office of International Affairs of the Faculty of Science. There you will get support concerning research agreements, MoUs or the initiation of student exchange programs etc.