Institut für Evolution und Ökologie


Name Function When? Where now?
Jutta Bloschies Technician 2013-2018  
Prof. Dr. Franz Oberwinkler Emeritus 1974-2008 Prof. Oberwinkler passed away on 15 March 2018
Dr. Anna Lampei-Bucharova Postdoc 2013-2018 University of Münster
Javier Morente Visiting PhD student 2017 back at King Juan Carlos University
Dr. Zhiyong Liao Postdoc 2016-2017 back at XTBG
Dr. Sigisfredo Garnica Scientist 1998-2017 INIA Institute, Chillán, Chile
Dr. Yan Sun Postdoc 2016-2017 University of Fribourg
Samuel Hamard Intern 2017  
Ramon Diaz Grados Exchange student 2017 back at University of Barcelona
Liliana Szczeparska Visiting student 2017 back at University of Warsaw
Shujuan Wei Teach@Tübingen fellow 2016-2017 back at Fudan University
Dr. Angelika Honold Senior lecturer 1984-2017 retired
Ingrid Astfalk Gardener 2013-2016 Gärtnerei Stephan, Tübingen
Dr. Kai Riess Postdoc 2013-2015 University of Koblenz-Landau
Dr. Barbara Piškur Guest scientist 2014-2015 Gozdarsky Inštitutt Slovenia
Dr. Rob Colautti Postdoc 2015 Assistant Professor at Queen's University, Canada
PD Dr. Robert Bauer Senior lecturer 1983-2014 Robert passed away on 8 September 2014
Luisa Conti Visiting PhD student 2014 PhD student at Università Roma Tre
Dr. Inga Hiiesalu Guest scientist 2013-2014 Plant Ecology lab at University of Tartu
Dr. Délfida Rodríguez Justaviano Postdoc 2011-2013  

Bachelor and Master theses

Name Degree When? Thesis Title
Eva Weber BSc 2018

The influence of cultivation of wild flowers on their stress tolerance

Mirjam Peters MSc 2017 Klimawandel und phänologische Verschiebungen - eine Herbariumstudie
Robert Rauschkolb MSc 2017 Does ex situ cultivation of rare plants species in botanical gardens lead to loss of adaptation to the wild?
Patrick Gebbert MSc 2017 Ausbreitungsgeschichte invasiver Pflanzenarten in Baden-Württemberg anhand von Herbarbelegen
Lisa Kuechen BSc 2017 Competitive ability and invasive potential of ornamental sunflower cultivars
Anna Eiperle BSc 2017 Responses of wild and cultivated sunflowers to temperature variability
Rebekka Ziegler BSc 2017 Cryptic diversity in Microbotyrum pinguiculae on Pinguicula species: M. alpinum sp. nov. and M. liroi sp. nov.
Miriam Dürr MSc 2017 Assisted migration: a species-specific matter
Rouven Nagel BSc 2017 Agricultural production of wild plant seeds causes trait changes within few generations
Melissa Sehrt BSc 2017 Diversity of urban grasslands: Effect of reduced mowing frequency on plants and pollinators.
Anna Kirschbaum MSc 2017 Effects of genetic diversity and nutrient supply on community invasibility
Jonathan von Oppen MSc 2017 Tea Time On the Summits: Leaf litter decomposition in the Alpine environment
Janine Spreuer BSc 2016 Ektomykorrhizapilze in Kiefernplantagen im Páramo von Ecuador
Jens Lüchow BSc 2016 Influence of canopy cover, habitat, population density and population size on seed size of Alliaria petiolata
Florian Joos BSc 2016 Ecological significance of biotic interactions for ecosystem restoration
Hanna Walter BSc 2015 Climatic drivers of seed size and seed shape of garlic mustard in the native and introduced range
Annamaria Achtzehn BSc 2015 Exotic ornamentals: potential invaders under future climate?
Sonja Winter BSc 2014 Diversity, distribution and composition of belowground fungi associated with Fallopia japonica (Houtt.) Ronse Decraene
Dorothea Mosandl BSc 2014 Lichtmikroskopische und molekulare Untersuchungen der Mykorrhizierung von Páramo-Pflanzen in Süd-Ecuador
Niklas Samuel BSc 2014 Impact of Precipitation Change and Competition on Arabidopsis thaliana Ecotypes
Arin Ali MSc 2014 Species and tissue specificity of fungal endophytes in biological and conventional crop farming
Jan Helbach MSc 2014 Soil biota and community resistance to invasion under increased environmental variability
Pascal Nassal MSc 2013 Ectomycorrhizal fungal communities associated with roots of Bistorta vivipara populations along an altitudinal gradient