Institut für Evolution und Ökologie

Seminar in Plant Ecology

A joint seminar of the Plant Ecology and Plant Evolutionary Ecology groups. The seminar takes place in the "Besprechungsraum" (room 36, ground floor) of "Auf der Morgenstelle 3" on Fridays starting at 13:30 until 14:30.

If you want to sign up or make a change to the programme, please contact Niek Scheepens.

Summer semester 2018

Date Seminar
20 Apr

Robert Rauschkolb - Back to the Future: using seed banks as a tool to investigate recent adaptation to climate change

Free slot (slot)

27 Apr

Franziska Merle Willems - Effects of forest management on the phenology of early-flowering understory herbs

Maxi Herberich - Temporal storage effect promotes coexistence of plant functional type across the full range of soil water availability

04 May

No Seminar (PopBio)

11 May

Dario Galanti - Structure, stability and ecological significance of natural epigenetic variation in European Thlaspi arvense populations

Free slot (short)

18 May

Leah Kirchhoff - Disentangling biotic and abiotic effects on local adaptation in Plantago lanceolata

Free slot (short)

25 May

No Seminar (Vorlesungsfrei)

01 Jun

Free slot

08 Jun

Heiko Hinneberg - Drought response of common perennial meadow plants and soil mesofauna

Free slot (short)

15 Jun

Hannah Gelaudie - Herbivory induces clonal foraging for nutrient in plants

Free slot (short)

22 Jun

Hagen Ritter - Observation-based spatial modelling of interference competition in
benthic bryozoan assemblages

Marlena Reußwig - Characterization of grassland species growth under different habitat conditions

29 Jun

Ioanna Jakob (KIT) - Experiments on the bioprocess development of Phacotus lenticularis

06 Jul

Ronja Ratzbor - HEDGE 2 - and now there is data


13 Jul

No seminar: Clara Nesongano will defend her PhD thesis at 10am

20 Jul

Juliana Almario - TBA

Madalin Parepa - Fluctuating resources and plant invasion: a field test

27 Jul

Maria Majekova - Wilting point and osmotic adjustment in grassland plants

2nd slot filled - TBA

10 Aug

Extrasemestrial seminar: Thais Henn Werner - Can plants remember their future?

Free slot (short)

17 Aug

Extrasemestrial seminar: Eleanor Gibson-Forty - Plant-Animal interactions in the Brassicaceae family along a steep rainfall gradient in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin

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