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"Integrated Hydrosystem Modelling 2018" Conference

How Complex Should Integrated Models Be?

From 3-6 April the Center for Applied Geoscience at the University of Tübingen hosted its 2nd international conference on "Integrated Hydrosystem Modelling". In this conference we continued the discussion about the state-of-knowledge and future research in interdisciplinary modelling of cross-compartimental hydrosystems.
We took pleasure from the popularity of this conference format with fifteen one-hour keynote lectures and two intense poster sessions. In total over 120 researchers participated during the four conference days, many of them PhD students taking the opportunity to learn from prominent experts and to present their work in a challenging environment.

Five topics were in the focus of the conference:

  • How Important is Realistic Geology in Hydrological Modelling?
  • Controls of Reactive Transport on Scales Relevant for Management
  • Modelling Soil-Plant Interactions
  • Travel-Time Based Modelling of Transport in Hydrological Systems
  • PDE-Based versus Conceptual Integrated Models

Participants enjoyed the guided tour through the Paleaontological Museum of the university and came together in the social events of the conference - the Icebreaker and the Swabian dinner buffet on the final night of the conference.

The conference was organized by the DFG-funded research training group (RTG 1829) "Integrated Hydrosystem Modelling" of the Universities of Tübingen, Hohenheim, and Stuttgart, which targets multi-disciplinary, cross-compartimental modelling of flow and reactive transport in coupled terrestrial hydrosystems on the catchment scale under uncertainty.

Conference Program